Patient Support Programs

Case Management

  • Enroll patients as soon as Vistogard® is initiated by calling BioMatrix Specialty Pharmacy at 1-844-374-0604.
  • The Vistogard® Case Management Program is administered by BioMatrix Specialty Pharmacy on behalf of Wellstat Therapeutics Corporation.
  • Benefits of the Case Management Program include:
    • Facilitate a smooth pathway to transition patients from inpatient to outpatient care
    • Delivery to the appropriate setting or to the patient’s home
    • Provide instructions on dosing and administration
    • Adherence calls once per day to ensure completion of the full 20-dose course of therapy (1 dose, every 6 hours, for 5 days)
    • Assessment of eligibility for the Vistogard® Support Programs
      • Patient Assistance Program & Co-Pay Assistance

* SPD: Specialty Pharmaceutical Distribution